The oldest complete manuscript of the New Testament, dating from the 9th century returned to Greece after many years of effort. This is an invaluable historical Code that was stolen in 1917 when the Bulgarian occupation troops ransacked the monastery of Panagia Ekossifinissa on Mount Paggaio, taking along many precious relics.

The manuscript remained for more than 100 years in the possession of the Lutheran School of Theology of Chicago, after having been bought from a European bookseller in 1920.

Archbishop of America Demetrios, during the return ceremony of the Codex to the monastery from where it was stolen, praised the gesture of the university community of the Lutheran School of Theology. The text was returned despite being in legal ownership of the School and such an act is rare, pointed out the Archbishop.

The “Codex 1424”, as the heirloom is called, is written in Greek by the monk Savva, is 28 by 18 centimeters and consists of 674 pages.