The Onassis Festival 2019 titled “Democracy Is coming,” which began yesterday in New York and will last until April 28, focuses on democracy and examines its evolution, from Ancient Greece to modern America, through performances, concerts, debates and parallel events.

It is a festival of arts and ideas that honors, evaluates and reflects on the concept of democracy, through a diverse program that brings together artists and thinkers from Greece and America and is held in collaboration with the Public Theater.

“In Ancient Greece, the theater was a sacred place where artists and citizens were fearlessly exercising freedom of speech, and that is what we offer in Democracy Is Coming,” said Onassis Foundation president Antonis S. Papadimitriou.

“Democracy and theater were both born in Athens at the end of the 6th century BC,” explains Oskar Eustis, Public Theater’s artistic director and adds that the festival “honors the principles of democracy as well as free artistic expression.”

This year’s program includes a wide range of shows, concerts and debates, starting with a new Public Theater production, the theatrical play “Socrates” by actor, director and screenwriter, Tim Blake Nelson and directed by Doug Hughes.