An overnight curfew will come into effect across the country starting on Friday, November 13, between the hours of 21:00 to 05:00 every day. During those hours, citizens must restrict their outings to the bare minimum: only for work (with a permit), health emergencies and walking their pets.

Greece is currently observing a nationwide lockdown that went into effect on November 7 and will remain effective through November 30. During this time, citizens must either send an SMS message or have a printed or hand-written document citing the reasons for their outing every time they leave their homes.

Regarding personal exercise, this is restricted to a maximum of three people at a time and in close proximity to their homes; it does not cover athletic training at a professional club level.

As of Friday all public and private sector organisations and businesses must be able to provide documentation showing that they operate a skeleton staff only and have assigned the majority of their employees to work from home. The minister also recommended that TV stations reduce staff and guests to a minimum at studios at any given time.
Game hunting and fishing are still prohibited.