Following a turbulent meeting, the Greek Parliament decided to establish a special preliminary investigation committee for all ten politicians mentioned in the file of Novartis case. The preliminary investigation committee will consist of 21 members (10 from SYRIZA, five from New Democracy and one member from each of the rest parties) and will operate for one month.

218 MPs voted in total, since New Democracy abstained from the procedure. SYRIZA voted “yes” for all politicians, as did ANEL, although the party President, Panos Kammenos, had stated that he would not vote in favor of the referral of Marios Salmas, calling ANEL members to vote in good conscience. Democratic Alignment and The River parties cast an invalid vote, the Communist Party of Greece and Golden Dawn voted “yes” for all politicians, while the Union of Centrists cast a “present” vote.


Translation: Eleni Gogou