The Plenary of the Hellenic Parliament has passed, by majority, the bill providing for the establishment of a Societé Anomyme for the redevelopment of Athens. The opposition strongly criticized the bill, arguing that responsibilities are removed from the Municipality of Athens and a needless company is established just to hire persons within the scope of clientele relationships. The opposition parties invoke a report by the Scientific Service of the Hellenic Parliament, which has found deficiencies and ambiguities in the bill.

On his part, Infrastructure and Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis stressed, “We will not leave Athens in the mess and the decay created by others”, and called the opposition MPs to state exactly which responsibilities and resources are removed, while also rejecting the criticism about the hiring of pro-government executives in the company. Mr. Spirtzis also blamed the current and previous leaderships of the Municipality for the current state of the capital, which is “inhuman for citizens with mobility problems”, with “zero” free spaces.


Translation: Eleni Gogou