The Greek Parliament has passed the amendments on the reduction of the unified property ownership tax (ENFIA), the reduction of the tax rate on business profits, and the social dividend. ENFIA tax is reduced for over 5.5 million property owners, and reaches 30% for properties of up to 60,000 euro.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras stressed, “The first 100 days outside the memoranda is only the beginning”, and gave the example of the ENFIA reduction that will affect 88% of taxpayers in 2019. The tax will be reduced even by 50% for working class households, he said.

The tax rate of 29% on business profits will gradually drop to 25% in 2022, while with respect to the social dividend, Mr. Tsipras said that a ministerial decision will soon be issued, so that the electronic platform for the applications opens next week, and payments are made before December 14.