President Prokopios Pavlopoulos in his meeting with his German counterpart, Frank Walter Steinmeier, on Thursday underlined that both countries share the same vision for Europe.

The Greek President referred to the major European priorities of the following period, the first of which is the refugee issue. Pavlopoulos praised Berlin's attitude to the matter, unlike that of some other EU partners.

The second priority, he said, is defending the European social state. The third priority, according to Pavlopoulos, is Greece's national issues, which are simultaneously European issues. Pavlopoulos referred to the Cyprus issue, the Greek-Turkish issue and relations with FYROM. He also reiterated that the completion of a revision of the Constitution by the neighboring country is sine qua non before the issue can proceed.

European countries will not compromise on its requirements in order for some countries to join the EU.

In his address, Frank Walter Steinmeier expressed his condolences for the victims of the summer fires. He then spoke of the common European interest in resolving the migration issue.

Referring to the European elections, he said that only a few months remained before doubts and skepticism about a united Europe are eliminated.