The Prosecutor’s Office of Athens has charged 20 people in connection to the deaths of 100 people in the massive wildfire in Mati in the summer of 2018. Among the accused are: regional governor Rena Dourou, the mayor of Marathon, Ilias Psinakis, the mayor of Rafina Evangelos Bournous, the former Head of Civil Protection Ioannis Kapakis and high-ranking officials of the fire brigade, the police (EL.AS ) and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection..

The accusations which are misdemeanors, include charges such as manslaughter due to negligence, serial or by omission, as well as bodily harm serial, by omission or negligence.

Prosecutors will probably blame the lack of coordination, the omissions and mistakes that were made in dealing with the fire by the Fire Brigade, EL.AS, the Region, the two municipalities in the area (Rafina, Marathon) and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection.