The Theocharakis Foundation’s schedule includes two performances for children of ages 6 and up, intended to acquaint them with the history of music through play and spectacle.

In “The code of the short dragon”, the company of a wise, mighty-feathered dragon, a crocodile and her two siblings enjoy themselves until the dragon happens upon an old box, the secret contents of which could change their lives. The entertaining performance is meant to help children come into contact with the form of European music. Above all, it is meant to show how people who support one another can lead fulfilling lives against any obstacle. Marianthi Fotaki directs the play, written by Panagiotis Tsiridis.

Also, following a successful run last year at the Theocharakis Foundation’s Aphitheater, and an equally successful run in different parts of Greece, “The stolen treble clef” returns to the Foundation to tell the story of famous fictional composer Koulis Sabah, who moves to the staff neighborhood to compose his new musical work, only to discover that the treble clef has gone missing. This musical thriller of sorts features a grand piano, and its audience acting as an orchestra which gets to know the world of music as it tries to solve the mystery. Emilia Vasilakaki, honored in the 2012 State Theater Awards, has written the play.

Where: V&M Theocharakis Foundation
The code of the short dragon: November 26; 12pm-1pm
The stolen treble clef: November 5,12, December 3; 3pm-4pm

Admission: 10€

Note: Availability is restricted. An application is required, to be sent electronically to [email protected]