Within the context of the “Divine Dialogues” series, the Museum of Cycladic Art organizes a rare and original exhibition titled “Picasso and Antiquity. Line and Clay”, where Picasso’s ceramics and drawings interact with ancient artifacts.

For the first time, 68 of Picasso’s rare ceramics and drawings featuring birds, animals, sea creatures, humans and mythological beasts (Centaur, Minotaur) and other works inspired by ancient drama and comedies, converse thematically with 67 ancient works, creating another Divine Dialogue between Greek antiquity and modern art.

Picasso’s compositions—ceramics and drawings created between the 1920s and 1960s—come from foreign foundations, museums, and collections, while the works of antiquity come from 15 Greek museums and collections.

Unlike his unique paintings, the great twentieth-century artist’s drawings and ceramics are little known to the wider public. These are closely related to antiquity, inspired by the Creto-Mycenaean, Greek, and ancient Mediterranean civilizations in general. This exhibition reveals a world the artist carried within himself. It showcases antiquities that he might have seen in the ancient lands of the Mediterranean, but also in European museums, in the books he read, or during his encounters with Christian Zervos and Jean Cocteau.

The exhibition will run through 20 October.