Plisskën Festival returns on June 26 and 27 at Technopolis, Athens’ popular cultural venue which celebrates its 20 years of existence. It features an exceptional programming showcasing some of the world’s most iconic artists, alongside the best alternative and up and coming talents.

Plisskën is 2 days, 3 stages, 34 artists and 12 hours of non-stop music per day, bringing the hottest new bands as well as renowned artists. This year’s headliners include Disco’s father and electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder, popular collective, Jungle, Ti nariwen,the Tuareg musicians from Sahara and The Black Madonna, known for her fluent and dynamic vinyl sets, which span from disco to techno.

In addition to creating a unique musical experience for both the public and the artists, Plisskën’s goal is to organize a festival that is eco-friendly. By promoting ecological practices in the entertainment industry, the festival has earned the Commended Green Festival Award for two consecutive years.

In addition, The Lab, Plisskën’s annual workshop takes place in Athens shortly before the festival. Through a range of theoretical and hands-on workshops led by experienced professionals in the field of event management, participants will have the opportunity to learn everything they need, in order to organize a festival.

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