“I am pleased to say that the time of Greece’s economy has come”, stressed Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras addressing the conference of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.

The Greek PM also added “our strategy has proven effective, the efforts of the Greek people are being fruitful and in fact with sustainable qualities guaranteeing that the country will turn page definitively, without going back. We made tough decisions, balanced the public finances, relieved the weaker classes in the hard phase of the adjustment, asserted and made positive decisions on debt, strengthened the geopolitical role of the country and threw ourselves, in a coordinated way, into an international campaign to change our image abroad”.

Mr. Tsipras also said that the timely conclusion of the staff-level agreement, within the scope of the third review, was a positive outcome with great symbolism, and in fact under the best possible conditions for the country and the Greek society. From its highest rate in late 2014, unemployment has now been decreased by almost 7%; around 300,000 new jobs have been created and unemployment is now close to the first benchmark of 20%, added the Greek Premier.

Translation: Eleni Gogou