Reactions from the entire political spectrum as well as from the Union of Judges and Prosecutors provoked the decision of the Greek Police to generally ban gatherings of more than three people across the country for four days in view of the anniversary of the student uprising at the polytechnic of November 17th 1974 .

Political parties , SYRIZA,  KKE , and MERA 25 decried the  decision of the Greek police commissioner while lawyers and representatives of trade unions are expected to protest to the President of the Republic, the Parliament and the government.

The Union of Judges and Prosecutors characterized the decision as unconstitutional and asked the government to revoke it immediately.

“This is not an unconstitutional ban, it is subject to Article 11 of the Constitution “ stressed in THE VOICE OF GREECE Antonis Manitakis , Emeritus professor of Constitutional Law adding that the reactions are irrational and offend common sense .

MERA 25 brings today the case to the Court of Appeals requesting the annulment of the decision of the Greek Police .