Migration Policy Minister Dimitris Vitsas, accompanied by visiting Portuguese Interior Minister Eduardo Cabrita, visited the refugee reception centre in Elaionas, central Athens on Tuesday.

Cabrita, who is paying an official visit to Greece, on Monday visited the island of Samos and later on Tuesday will meet with Interior Minister Alexis Charitisis and Citizen Protection Minister Olga Gerovasili.

"We are in close cooperation with Portugal in order that a new Dublin Treaty can be concluded within 2018, if possible, and in parallel we both believe that there will be no solution without solidarity and redistribution [of refugees]," Vitsas said. "It is good he saw two different things, namely, what is happening in Samos and what is happening in Eleonas. We had a long discussion on Monday. It is our common belief that European problems should have European solutions," Vitsas added.

On his part, the Portuguese minister said: "There is close cooperation between Greece and Portugal. Portugal was the fifth European country that received more people from hotspots in Greece under the European relocation programme and we strongly support and recognise the dramatic role [fulfilled by] the Greek government and the Greek people in receiving migrants and refugees. Our position is very clear. We think this is a global European problem and should have a global European response according to the principles of shared responsibility and shared solidarity and this is the reason I am here today."

Cabrita toured the facility in Elaionas, including the Greek-language school operating within it, the social services and the reception area for unaccompanied children.