President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos, praised the role of the Church in the year of the economic crisis during his meeting with the Archbishop Hieronymus of Athens at the Presidential Palace.

As he said, if the rupture of the social fabric has not taken place in Greece, this is largely due to the fact that the Greek society is held together by two institutions: the Church and the Family.

Special reference was made by Mr. Pavlopoulos to the Church’s role in addressing the refugee issue according to the Greek culture, principles and values. Equally important was the contribution of the Church in offering hospitality and care to young refugees.
“We Greeks have lived all this tragedy of innocent souls lost at sea and we know very well what it means. But when a child makes a safe crossing it must not only be taken care of, but also be given the chance to develop its personality, to grow and to become a person with equal rights in society” said the Greek President.

Addressing the young refugees, who accompanied Mr. Hieronymus at the Presidential Palace, Mr. Pavlopoulos said: “Greek society embraces you and considers you an integral part of it. That’s why we are deeply convinced that the only value that can unite the world, the only value that can defend human rights and democracy, is humanism with all its implications.”