Unified Real Estate Property Tax (ENFIA) notifications for property owners in Greece are available online as of Monday morning. 6.4 million real estate owners can access their personal profiles on www.gsis.gr for more information.

The tax can be paid in five monthly installments, with the first payment due on September 30th and the last one on January 31st 2017.

According to Finance ministry sources 65 % of real estate owners were called to pay the same or less tax compared to 2015, a 24 % will be called to pay a sum between one cent and 10 euros, a 10 % more than 10 euros and only 4.0 % more than 50 euros. Finally, only 0.3 % of the total real estate owners’ number were called to pay more than 1,000 euros.

In case real estate owners spot any discrepancies in the facts concerning their property, they are advised to make online corrections on E9 document.