Technology and education and particularly the promotion of the Greek language are the key features of the platform Rebooting the Greek Language, an initiative for developing innovative tools and 21st pedagogy for teaching and learning Greek in the Diaspora. It builds on more than 15 years of Research & Development at the Hellenic Studies Centre at Simon Fraser University with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

The platform will offer services such as speech recognition, natural language comprehension, machine learning, and augmented reality technologies. One of the platform’s main goals is to teach Greek as a (second) language to Greek immigrants, in a school setting. These courses will initially start in early childhood and primary schools, since research has shown that young kids are particularly receptive to foreign language learning.

Rebooting the Greek Language will be available on the App Store for IOS devices and GooglePlay for Android devices. There is also a new application currently in development that targets specific age groups of users.