At a meeting that took place yesterday, the cabinet of Northern Macedonia, urged 136 institutions and foundations to proceed immediately to a change in public signs at the entrances where they are housed, as far as the country’s new name is concerned, on the basis of the Prespes Agreement, according to the country’s government spokesman, Mile Bosnjakovski.

According to the ministerial council’s suggestion, state-funded institutions and foundations are obligated to change their name and any reference to the “Republic of Macedonia” will be replaced by the “Republic of Northern Macedonia”.

For example, the House of Representatives, now called the “House of the Republic of Macedonia”, will be changed into “House of the Republic of Northern Macedonia”.

In addition, regarding the names of institutions, the term “Macedonian”, like for example “Macedonian News Agency”, will be replaced by the term “national” and in this case, the agency will be renamed into “National News Agency”.