The Byzantine and Christian Museum presents the photography exhibition by Miro Ito titled “Road of Light and Hope-Voyage of Hellenism to Japan” through to January 28 2019. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan in Greece and the Japan Camera Industry Institute (JCII).

It is a rare collection of 46 photographs of statues and other cultural treasures found in the Buddhist Temple of Tōdaiji and the shrine of Sanctuary Kasuga-Taisha both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Japan’s ancient capital Nara and the eastern end of Silk Road which are influenced by the Hellenistic culture.

The works of Miro Ito, a world-class photographer and artist, welcome guests by emitting a calm, yet impressive force. The spirit of Hellenism which spread to Japan via the Silk Road and resides in the Buddha statues as symbols of the Japanese culture, are depicted in Ito’s photographic works offering a unique spectacle.

The exhibition launches a series of events celebrating the 120th Anniversary of Greece-Japan Diplomatic Relations (1899-2019).