Multimedia creator Robert Lepage returns to the Onassis Cultural Center with his most autobiographical one-man-show. Seven years after “The Far Side of the Moon,” his semi-autobiographical sci-fi elegy, with which the Center introduced Robert Lepage to the Greek public, the great Canadian artist returns, in person this time, with “887”, co-produced by the Onassis Cultural Center.

Lepage’s novel-like life, strange family, and dreadful youth are the basic pool of ideas for his autobiographical dramaturgy-fiction, what he calls autofiction. Lyrical and thoughtful, at times playful and other times melancholic, 887 is an existential scenic journey that seems to pay tribute to the famous French philosopher Roland Barthes’ saying: “Our childhood is our only hometown.”

Following the October 25 performance, the audience will have the opportunity to discuss with the show’s creators.

Where: Onassis Cultural Center, Center Stage
When: October 24-27, 8:30 pm

Admission: € 5-28

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