The island of Samos continues to experience aftershocks following last Friday’s 6.7 magnitude earthquake. About 150 aftershocks have been recorded, with the strongest being of a 5 magnitude. Static checks on buildings and the recording of damages are in progress. Most are located in Vathi, where the occupants of at least 150 buildings were forced to evacuate.

Speaking to ERT, Costas Papazachos, professor of Seismology, described the seismic sequence so far as normal and noted that after such an earthquake, aftershocks can reach up to a magnitude of 6 and can occur in the next hours, days, weeks, in other words, for the next period of time.

The professor also noted that the building potential of the island, but also of our country, proves, in general, that it withstands earthquakes due to the seismic protection guidelines.