Samothrace is perhaps North Aegean’s most typical island: green, full of rivers and waterfalls, herbs and a mystical beauty. Saos, the island’s wild and permanently tempestuous mountain, fascinates the travelers. One of the points of attraction for Greek and foreign tourists is located on Saos’ slopes, where we find impressive natural pools created by waterfalls, known as Vathres. Many young nature lovers pitch their tents in the midst of a beautiful and lush scenery.

A visit to ancient Samothrace is a must and especially the Sanctuary of Kaveiron, whose importance was similar that of the devotional centers of Delphi and Elefsina. There you will see the Arsinoeion, an impressive circular building, a request of Ptolemaic Queen Arsinoe (500 BC), where we find the palace, the sacred residence, the dome, the mosque, the sanctuary, the marble altar, the Hellenistic building and the fountain where the famous Winged Victory of Samothrace was, and which today is exhibited at the Louvre Museum.

The island’s natural treasure is the pedestals, the dozens of small pools of cold water formed by the waterfalls. In these pools you become one with all natural elements: sun, light, water, rocks and soil.

Samothrace is also known for its hot springs, which are part of the island’s natural wealth, and whose therapeutic properties have been known since ancient times. Their waters come from a sulfur source with a temperature of up to 60 degrees Celsius.

Most beaches of the island have thick pebbles and crystal clear waters. Some of the most spectacular ones are: Kipi (facing Turkey) and Pachia Ammos.