On Tuesday, the Panhellenic Seamen’s Federation (PNO) decided to suspend the scheduled strike. Seamen have finally accepted the new proposal of the Association of Passenger Shipping Companies (SEEN) on 2% increases retrospectively from 1.01.2018 and a new negotiation later for 2019.

In its announcement, the administration of PNO stresses that the proposal of coastal shipping operators “partly” satisfies the demand of the Federation for increases; however, “Being totally aware of its responsibilities and exhibiting positive spirit once more, it has decided to suspend the strike.”

After the end of the strike, Shipping and Island Policy Minister Fotis Kouvelis stated, “The agreement reached after the negotiations between PNO and SEEN is the democratic reality for the social rights of workers in the sector of shipping, and showcases the importance of the institution of collective bargaining and of the collective agreements.”