The Greek island of Skopelos has been voted as one of the “30 Secret Islands to Visit for the Ultimate Secluded Vacation” by the prestigious Travel + Leisure magazine.

Skopelos occupies the 6th place on the list for its hidden coves, blue-roofed tavernas and hundreds of Byzantine-era churches. As the magazine’s journalist notes, it is not by accident that the island was chosen for the filming of one of the most popular musicals.

“A one-hour ferry ride from Skiathos, the island of Skopelos is so picture-perfect that Hollywood chose its Kastani beach as a set for Mamma Mia,” T+L says.

Meanwhile, divers from around the world refer to Skopelos’ Christoforos shipwreck as one of Europe’s best-preserved shipwrecks. The ship sunk in October 1983 on the bay of Panormos. It had left the port of Volos with 2.600 tons of concrete and was sailing to Piraeus and to its final destination in Algeria.

Regarding the above distinction, the President of the Skopelos Tourism Committee Ioanna Efstathiou, said that “Mamma Mia, diving, hiking, weddings, gastronomy and monasteries are just some of the destinations that we highlight as a municipality and that perfectly match the new trends of our time. This is also evidenced by the recent international distinctions of the destination but also the first messages we receive from tourists and travel agencies for 2021″.