A bus built like a space shuttle is currently travelling along the Mediterranean beaches throughout France, through to August 24, as a way of promoting astronomy.

SpaceBus France is an initiative led by Tabatha Sauvaget from the Galaxies, Stars, Physics and Instrumentation Observatory of Paris (GEPI). Visitors will have the opportunity to watch two documentaries and can also participate in an “escape game” where everyone is an astronaut.

The first feature-length documentary is titled “16 Sunrises” (16 Levers de soleil) and features French astronaut Thomas Pesquet having a fictional dialogue with Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the author of “The Little Prince”. From the International Space Station, Pesquet becomes the witness of a planet which evolves but he also becomes aware of the fragilities and problems it is facing.

The documentary directed by Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff and was presented at the closing of the “Doc Day” of the Cannes Film Market 2018 and will be released in October 2018.

SpaceBus also screens “Being an astronaut” (Dans la peau de Thomas Pesquet), a documentary about Pesquet’s six month stay aboard the International Space Station shot in 360 ° virtual reality. In 2017, Thomas Pesquet spent aboard the space station with two other astronauts. During his stay he conducted several scientific experiments and carried out several extra-vehicular trips to ensure the maintenance of the orbital laboratory.

SOURCE: Sciencesetavenir