Alexander Stubb, former prime minister of Finland, in an interview with '' on Tuesday called on main opposition New Democracy (ND) and the Democratic Rally of Cyprus to make an "educated personal choice with their heart and mind" when they decide who to support as the European People's Party (EPP) candidate for European Commission president at the EPP congress on 7-8 November in Helsinki.

Stubb, referring to the fact that ND and the Democratic Rally of Cyprus have already expressed support for Manfred Weber, spoke of his own struggle in support of the Greek bailout in 2015, under very adverse conditions, both within the Eurogroup and within the Finnish government.

"I know it is a secret ballot and that, at the end of the day, it also has to do personal contact. The EPP is a party that believes in individual freedom and choice; against this background, I believe that the Cypriot and the Greek delegates can make an educated, personal choice with their heart and mind in Helsinki," Stubb said.

"I think that the Cypriots and the Greeks know how I dealt with the financial and euro crisis, when it was extremely difficult given the situation I had with the government I was in ? the True Finns ? and we were able to find a solution," he added.