A student rally to protest extreme-right sit-ins at high schools in Greece concluded without major incident midday on Thursday.

The sit-ins are protesting the Prespes Agreement signed between Greece and FYROM.

The march's organizers, the Athens School and Student Coordination Initiative, said earlier on a Facebook post that "several extremist, fascist groups are trying to encourage student nationalist sit-ins in schools around the country. The Athens School and Coordination Initiative calls on all fellow students to step in and not allow fascists to enter the schools," the Initiative posted on Facebook.

The march began around 13:30 and participants were joined by a group of university students as supporters. The march began in central Athens and passed through Panepistimiou and Stadiou, to Syntagma Square.

A tail-end group got into an altercation with police but incidents ended soon after.

In statements at Parliament on Wednesday, a deputy of extreme-right Golden Dawn was widely condemned after telling the plenary to "expect incidents" at the rally.