With their motto “Space is the Place” and their trademark space tunics, the legendary Sun Ra’s orchestra goes on stage to celebrate 60 years of musical freedom with sounds from the jazz of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Working with Sun Ra since the mid-1950s and until his death, the Arkestra has been musical collective of unending creativity and productivity -the first jazz orchestra to use electronic keyboards, an electric bass and two double basses.

Along with the Arkestra, Sun Ra contributed to African-Americans’ cultural and political awakening in the 1960s, stressing the African roots of jazz, inspiring pride in black history, and preaching his music’s spiritual and mystical dimensions. Continuing performances after Sun Ra’s death in 1993, the Arkestra remains true to its founder’s wish to look for new dimensions and sounds, without ever repeating itself.

In a talk to precede the Arkestra’s performance, Erik Steinskog will use the thought of space-travel as an entry-point into Sun Ra’s understanding of music and vibrations.

Where: Onassis Cultural Centre, Main Stage
When: November 9, 9:15 pm (Erik Steinskog’s talk begins at 8:30 pm)

Admission: € 7-25 (Concessions available for the unemployed, and for people with disabilities)

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