Symi is a small island located one hour from Rhodes by boat. Built amphitheatrically on a hillside, the town of Symi is divided into two settlements. Gyalos, which is also the island’s port and Horio, which is the main settlement where one can find all the facilities and services.

Symi is very close to the Asia Minor coast. The island is known for its well-preserved neoclassical architecture and the two-storey traditional stone houses. At the beginning of the 20th century, Symi was the capital of the Dodecanese, during which, it witnessed a great economic boom.

The island has been inhabited since prehistoric times, while in Homer’s Iliad, Symi is mentioned as the domain of King Nireus. In 1309 Symi was conquered by the Knights of the Order of St. John and in 1522 it was conquered by the Turks until it finally joined Greece together with the rest of the Dodecanese islands.

Today, Symi has become a paradise for foreign tourists, mainly British and Italians. The touristic development has led to the repair and restoration of many old houses (many of which were destroyed during the Second World War). Repairs and renovations are carried out in accordance with strict law provisions as established by the Ministry of Culture so as not to alter the island’s traditional architecture.

Most beaches in Symi are near each other, with NOS, Pedi, Nimborios and Panormitis being some of the most famous ones. There are also many bays, ideal for the travelers who want to enjoy a quiet scenery. Symi’s transparent, turquoise waters, its unique architecture and its idyllic scenery will impress the most demanding traveler.