Greek Prime Minister addressed a call for change mainly to young people but also to all citizens, during the presentation of the SYRIZA government program. He referred to 12 main commitments to be implemented with a specific timetable from the day after the national elections and for the next four years. The central objectives are labor, development, taxation, public administration and the welfare state.

Mr. Tsipras announced that in addition to the 25,000 permanent contracts in the domains of education and health, 500,000 new jobs will be created, the minimum wage will be increased by a further 7.5%, while those with incomes less than € 20,000, will not contribute to a solidarity levy.

At the same time, Mr. Tsipras stressed that the election dilemma is “whether we will hold Greece in our hands or give it back to those who bankrupted it”, and noted that Greece is no longer a bankrupt country, but a country that has the luxury of discussing its own program rather than one Troika will have to approve.