Whether you climb up through Pili – Elati or Kalambaka to Chrysomilia and the Pertouli Fields, one thing is certain. The mountain view that slowly unfolds before your eyes will leave you speechless. From the zero altitude of the Thessalian plain you will find yourself in about 40 minutes on the mountains of Pindos at an altitude of 1200-1300 meters.

From the Pertouli Fields you can see the slopes of the highest mountains of Koziakas, Avgos and Triggias that dominate this beautiful region. The most popular mountain resorts, with proper infrastructure, are Elati and Pertouli.

Elati: Elati is the largest village in the mountainous area of ​​Trikala and one of the most beloved destinations in Greece. Built on the southwest side of Koziakas at an altitude of 950 meters, in a dreamlike mountainous landscape dominated by firs.

The Red Rock (Kokkinos Vrahos), a limestone 60 meters high on the slopes of Koziakas, with six climbing routes of varying degrees of difficulty, will attract the most daring hikers, while others can just walk there, as it is just 10 minutes from Elati, and admire the magnificent views of the mountains.

The E4 European Route passes from the Koziakas area while a network of trails leads to almost all the peaks of the surrounding mountains. There are several charming guesthouses, some of them simple and rustic as well as luxurious ones, all of them offering a good breakfast including local products, justify Elatis’ worldly reputation.

Pertouli: Pertouli is not a random settlement. It is unknown when it was built, yet it has always held a prominent position among the big villages of N. Pindos. During the German occupation, it was connected with the guerrillas until it was burned down in 1943 by the Germans.

In a landscape of indescribable beauty, just before Pertouli lies the ski center, which consists of three slopes of 1,500m, 400m and 80m as well as three lifts.

Other activities that you can do in the area are: horseback riding, archery and trekking at the unique and beautiful paths of Pindos.