The end of next week marks the premiere of the 2017 Epidaurus Festival. On Friday, June 30 and Saturday July 1, at the Ancient Epidaurus Theater, the Northern Greece State Theater returns with last summer’s great success, the Cezaris Grauzinis-directed Seven Against Thebes, featuring Yannis Stankoglou in the lead role. As the director notes on the play: “All the actors in Seven Against Thebes face the following challenge: we try to explore how our common survival instinct can coexist with the need our ancestors have passed on to us, and we are bound to pass on to our children, which is the need to remain human, in spite of the fear, the insecurity, and despair.

On the same day, at the Little Ancient Epidaurus Theater, opening the festival is an original staging of Medea, with three men interpreting all the roles of the work. Dimitris Karantzas directs Giorgos Gallos, Christos Louli and Michalis Sarantis, three actors found on stage to to try and come up with answers for the Medea legend from a man’s perspective. When is Medea ‘pretending’; when does she offer valid arguments; when is she being reasonable and justified, and when is she wrong? The performance looks at how three people of the opposite sex can justify and absolve Medea.

English super-titles will be available for both performances.

For more information, visit the Athens and Epidaurus Festival website.