The 2nd International Ancient Drama Workshop, organized by the National Theater in cooperation with the European Cultural Center of Delfoi, is successfully concluding its proceedings on Sunday, July 30.

Focusing on its everyday dimensions, as well as its importance in the Greek ancient drama as it appears in everyday life and ancient Greek drama (Theory and Practice of the concept of dance in the dimensions of: Dance and Space, Dance and Everyday Life, Dance and Ancient Greek Drama / Euripides’s Herakles), this year the workshop’s subject was: “Dance: Matter and Meaning”.

Director Michael Marmarinos has been placed in charge of the workshop, working with one of the most important stage and costumers designers in European Theater, Andrea Schmidt-Futterer, as well as the internationally acclaimed academic and theater critic, Dmitry Trubotchkin.

Throughout each day of the Festival, the National Theater’s Artistic Director, Stathis Livathinos, will be teaching a Masterclass – an intensive program, focusing on:

-Physical and mental exercise,
-and Practice.

The Workshop is organized by the National Theater and the European Cultural Center of Delfoi, under the auspice and support of the Ministry of Culture and Sport.

The National Theater’s International Ancient Drama Workshop is a member of the International Ancient Drama Network, created, co-ordinated and financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in an effort to educate theater professionals on ancient drama.