Anarchist collective Rouvikonas, claimed responsibility for splashing paint on the wall outside the residence of US Ambassador in Athens, on an anti-establishment website. Rouvikonas’ statement makes reference, among other things, to Dimitris Koufontinas’ hunger strike and demands that his request for leave is granted to him. The perpetrators, who were riding five bikes, arrived at the spot shortly after 4:00, at dawn, splashed paint and they fled the place at great speed.

In a message on his Twitter account, US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt commented on the attack: “Good morning, today I woke up to a childish act of vandalism outside my home and I will continue to work with the Greek authorities to punish the culprits according to law. Destruction of property is not a peaceful protest. ”

“We are condemning in the strictest terms, today’s vandalism at the US Ambassador’s residence. This is an unacceptable and irresponsible act that will however not harm the friendship and increasingly broad cooperation between our two countries. The competent Greek authorities are already taking all the necessary steps to bring the perpetrators to justice”, announced the Foreign Ministry.