The Ministry of Citizen Protection submitted a bill to Parliament in order to modernize the framework for holding public outdoor gatherings.

The bill stipulates that the competent authorities should be promptly notified about planned public gatherings, as well as the creation of a special electronic platform that will inform citizens about the day and place of the gathering. The bill also provides for  traffic regulations, the appointment of an organizer who will be responsible for the  smooth running of the gatherings, while the authorities will appoint an officer as “mediator” and will be the liaison with the gathering’s organizer.

The bill foresees a prison sentence for those who participate in a rally that has been prohibited by the police or for those who enter demonstrations and commit acts of violence.

The same bill defines the reasons (public safety, threat to the disruption of socio-economic life, etc.) that a gathering may be prohibited.

On the other hand, SYRIZA’s Civil Protection Chief Giannis Ragousis accusing the government said that “last time there was a law on rallies and marches in Greece, it was during the junta, in 1971. A law that remained inactive throughout the regime change, but which is being revived now”.