Following Epidaurus, Athens, and New York, the play “Birds” directed by Nikos Karathanos and produced by Onassis Foundation’s Stegi, travels to Chile to take part at Latin America’s largest festival Santiago a Mil, from January 17 to 20, 2020.

“The choice to travel to Santiago in January is not despite what is happening in Chile, but because of it. Stegi consciously chooses to be there, as in Beirut and other parts of the world in critical situation”, said Onassis Foundation’s Cultural Director, Aphrodite Panagiotakou.

The meaning of the “Birds”, far from walls and hostility, also sums up the philosophy of the famous Chilean festival, where some of the biggest artists have presented their works, including Pina Bausch, Robert Wilson and Jan Fabre.

New scenes, new roles, new faces have been added to the new updated version of the “Birds” which has received rave reviews on the other side of the Atlantic. Actors who have also participated in older shows (Nikos Karathanos, Christos Loulis, Angelos Triantafyllou and others) join forces with Amalia Moutousi, Stefania Goulioti, Thanassis Alevras, Kellia Renesi, Martha Frintzila, and five dancers from the Brazilian dance group Passinho Carioca from Rio’s favelas.

Along with the revamped version of the “Birds,” Babis Makridis’ film “The Birds” will also be presented at the Chilean Santiago a Mil Festival.