The debate on the ratification of the Prespes Agreement begins today at the National Delegation’s plenary session, following a positive recommendation by the House’s Standing Committee on Foreign and National Defense.

The agreement does not require an absolute majority (i.e. 151 votes) in order to be adopted by the plenary, but a majority of the Members who are present. However, on the basis of the stated intentions of some of the independent MEPs, it is likely that it will secure it.

In any case, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has stressed that for political reasons the government wants the agreement to be approved with at least 151 votes.

In the debate before the Foreign and National Defense Committee, Deputy Foreign Minister George Katrougalos called for “a sense of national responsibility and sincerity” by the political forces.

On the other hand, the opposition parties that vote against the Prespes Agreement have called for the final unified text of the neighbor’s constitution and the resignation letter of former Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias to be submitted to the House.