The development plan for the Greek economy prepared by a committee headed by Nobel recipient in economics Christopher Pissarides, was released on Monday.

The report is a preliminary draft and is available for public consultation. The final report will be presented in September.

The plan is a comprehensive development study, so that after an extensive discussion between the political forces and the social partners, it will form the economic policy framework for the coming years.

The report analyzes the main characteristics and trends of the Greek economy, the main international trends that will affect its future course, the general direction in which the economy must move in order to achieve medium term strong growth, the most important obstacles that hinder the growth trajectory and proposed development policy actions.

The final report will include analysis and proposals in a number of areas, including infrastructure and transport, the agri-food sector, the manufacturing industry, tourism, the social protection system, the utilization of public property and export support.

It will also refer to the funding of the proposed actions as well as the governance of the development plan.