The exponential increase in daily coronavirus cases has alarmed the infectious disease specialists who are putting on the table their proposals for the defense and attack against the spread of the pandemic.

Today, Thursday October 29, the Infectious Diseases Committee will have an extraordinarily meeting after the rise in coronavirus infections breached the ceiling of 1,500 cases which is considered particularly worrying, with experts saying that the coming days are critical and depend on everyone’s behavior.

Four areas are in Thessaloniki are declared “red zones”. After Kozani and Kastoria, two cities that have been categorized as level 4, two more Greek regional units – Ioannina and Serres – will transition to red Covid-19 status, with the implementation of restrictive measures that resemble a lockdown.

The infectious disease specialists’ suggestions regarding new measures include the use of masks indoors and outdoors in the “yellow” areas, the prohibition to leave areas that have been declared “orange zones”, especially in northern Greece, in order to limit the spread in the neighboring municipalities. It should be noted that it is not allowed to move between counties in the “red zones”, which is a type of lockdown.

The experts’ propositions that are on the table regarding catering businesses, do not include shorter opening hours but a combination of measures such as the mandatory use of mask at the table, taking it off only when eating.