After six weeks of restrictive measures due to the coronavirus pandemic, the country is gradually adapting to a new daily life, with the easing of measures and the restarting of the economic and social activity.

The task is considered difficult, with health authorities acknowledging that we are moving into “uncharted waters” and they are urging citizens to become accustomed to a new reality by strictly adhering to the required distance and hygiene rules.

More specifically, as of today, travel within the prefecture is allowed, as well as individual sports in open spaces and beaches (not-organized) and churches will be open for individual worship, under social distancing conditions and with a limit of up to 10 people.

Furthermore, as of today, a number of retail businesses and services will reopen with strict provisions for keeping distances, hygiene rules, while the use of mask is mandatory in hospitals, public transport, food stores and hairdressers.

However, the State recommends the use of the mask for both staff and public in all indoor spaces (offices, schools, churches, universities, shops, etc.), but also outdoors.

The fines, for those who do not comply with government measures and announcements, start at 150 euros and can go up to 5,000 euros, while businesses that violate protection measures are required to pay for each violation, from 1,000 to 100,000 euros.