Hellas Filmbox Berlin, the unique Greek cinema festival in Berlin, opens its doors to the public from 18-22 January 2017, in Berlin.

The festival will include an official competition section for feature, documentary and short films, along with special screenings. This year’s film selection is based on films presented at international film festivals and some less known ones.

“Hellas Filmbox Berlin” is a Greek film festival established in 2015 to highlight the current, highly artistic Greek film scene and present it to a German audience and aspires to be a platform for the New Greek cinema.

This is the reason why the “New Vision” category has been introduced for the upcoming event. “New Vision” section is a platform to introduce and promote the newest, most exceptional films from art, experimental and animation genres.

“We would like to start a constructive dialogue between Greece and Germany by highlighting the current emotional and political cracks between the two”, says Festival Director Asteris Kutulas.

The Festival promises to take the German audience on a unique journey into the human soul through the eyes of the Greek filmmakers.