The Onassis USA Foundation and the New Museum’s NEW INC have announced a partnership to create a space dedicated to for artists, filmmakers and designers working in mixed reality, the Onassis NEW INC eXtended Reality Studio (ONX Studio).

The ONX Studio is a career accelerator, a subsidized workspace and presentation gallery, located at the Onassis Gallery of Olympic Tower, the headquarters of Onassis USA in downtown Manhattan.

Scheduled for launch by the end of spring 2020, it will host a dozen artists, researchers and producers working in hybrid mixed reality, to develop major projects for the public sphere.

Every year, the Studio space will be transformed into a mixed reality gallery for a monthly exhibition featuring ONX members. The Studio will operate as a two-year pilot program, while the first exhibition is scheduled for the winter of 2020-21.

Over the years, the Onassis Foundation has invested in the exploration of contemporary art and the dialectical relationship between multimedia, digital, mixed reality and hybrid artistic practices.

ONX Studio aims to bring this ever-growing community of artists, designers and researchers into the field of mixed reality.