The Greek parliament widely approved a resolution on Wednesday evening, regarding the claim for German World War II reparations. The government intends to immediately issue a note verbale to the Federal Republic of Germany, in which it will repeat its inalienable claims arising from the Nazi invasion and occupation, as well as the war crimes of Nazi Germany, declared Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. The resolution was voted against by Golden Dawn, while KKE tabled its own separate proposal on the issue.

According to the conclusions of the cross-party parliamentary committee that examined the issue of Greece’s claim regarding Germany’s debt, these claims cannot be written off and refer to war reparations for the material destruction and the dismantling of the country’s productive capabilities, compensation for victims and the relatives of the victims of war crimes, the repayment of the occupation loan and the return of stolen archaeological treasures.

For his part, German government spokesman Steffen Siebert, reiterated that Germany continues to believe that the issue of war reparations has been settled.