Christos Spirtzis, Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Network, will deliver the last section of “Ionia Odos” motorway on Thursday, August 3.

This is a 14 km section, with the completion of which the Greek motorway becomes an integrated, modern and safe highway that will connect Athens with Ioannina in 3.5 hours.

The section between Perdika and Ioannina consists of: two lanes on each direction, one emergency lane, two cloverleave interchanges, the twin tunnel of “Ambelia”, the bridge at “Krifovo” and 11 overpasses and underpasses.

By putting into operation the last section of the highway, on the intersection with the “Egnatia Odos” (modern road), travel time between Perdika and Ioannina will be reduced by half.

Translation: Angeliki Dervou