Commercial satellite Hellas Sat 4 will be launched on January 23, 2019, as announced the Hellenic Space Agency Chairman and executive director of Hellas Sat, Christodoulos Protopapas to the Minister of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information Nikos Pappas, when the latter visited Cyprus’ ground space satellite station.

The new satellite will be launched from French Guyana and will be controlled by the Hellas Sat offices in Koropi and Nicosia.

Moreover, the Minister of Digital Policy visited the Limassol-based Technological University of Cyprus, where the cooperation agreement between the university and the Hellenic Space Agency was signed by the rector of the University, Andreas Anagiotos and Mr. Protopapas.

The Rector stressed that the Greek Minister’s visit is a great honor for the University, while Mr Protopapas said that the agreement is the beginning of a brilliant and very promising partnership between the university and the Hellenic Space Agency, in the design of the European fire prevention network.

Mr. Pappas expressed his joy at visiting the university and said that the space sector is particularly important as a public policy and research area. He also stressed that a very concerted effort is under way between Greece and Cyprus, to put environmental issues on the agenda of the tripartite meetings between Greece, Cyprus and Israel.

The Minister also visited the Eratosthenes Research Center and was presented the EXCELSIOR project regarding ​​land research and environmental monitoring from space.