The conditions for the construction of a special shelter to ensure the permanent protection of the “Prisoners” (Desmotes) of the Phaleric Delta, discussed recently the Central Archaeological Council (CAC) members. At the same time, they unanimously gave the “green light” to the studies required for the protection of the findings against the rise of brackish waters.

The aim, however, is for this shocking and extremely important archaeological find of the 80 skeletons who had suffered a violent death and were discovered back in 2016 at the SNFCC’s Esplanade area, to be on show for the public.

The project’s architectural features will be extremely simple and will adequately protect long-term this sensitive and rare find, while taking into account its specific character. Back in 2016 excavators found at least 80 skeletons in a mass burial grave with their wrists clamped by iron shackles.

The discovery was included in the ten most important archaeological events of that year according to the American journal Archaeology and it dates back to the third quarter of the 7th century. It was an era marked by riots, uprisings and revolutions between aristocrat supporters and aspiring tyrants, and could be associated, in terms of that particular finding, either with the “Cylonian agos” or other corresponding historical events.