The new government will be sworn in at a ceremony that will take place at the Presidential Palace, which will be followed by handovers at individual ministries. The new cabinet will hold its first meeting in Parliament on Wednesday July 10.

Τhe new cabinet is comprised of 51 members, of which, 21 are non-parliamentary. ND Sources said that “Kyriakos Mitsotakis is committed to bringing new faces to politics and to make use of successful executives from both the private and the public sector, as well as people who have excelled abroad in positions of responsibility”.

“The New Democracy cabinet is neither new nor small or flexible, as Mr. Mitsotakis had said,” SYRIZA commented on the announcement of the new government. KINAL referred to the new cabinet as enormous and went on to expel two party members who were appointed in the ND cabinet. Most of the cabinet’s ministers are well-known and experienced executives in the implementation of anti-popular policies, KKE commented.