The new Social Security Bill, which Labor Minister Yiannis Vroutsis said it contains 19 provisions of the new reform, positive with high social and growth value, is tabled today in parliament.

Under the new bill, no pensions will be reduced, the minister said, adding that some of the current retirees will see an increase in their pension. The bill will be accompanied by a scientific study that demonstrates the viability of the insurance system until 2070.

According to the government, today’s workers will be the most favored, as they are expected to see their pensions increased after completing more than 30 years of working life. SYRIZA accused the minister of “mockery” and claimed that the overwhelming majority of professionals and pensioners will be burdened.

The Centre of Athens Labor Unions (EKA), also opposes the new bill and has announced a 24-hour strike for tomorrow, Tuesday, February 18.