Today and on September 15, the Panteion University’s Classical Drama and Spectacle Center (KEDRA), along with the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation present the performance “The Oedipus Cycle”, in collaboration with actors from Beijing’s Central Drama Academy. The performance’s text is the fruit of bringing together passages from the tragic cycle of Oedipus (Oedipus Rex, Antigone, Oedipus at Colonus). Presented in three languages (Greek, Chinese and Ancient Greek) the performance also features surtitles in Greek and English.

This project represents the final phase of a program, which the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation and KEDRA implemented with the financial support of the Central Greece Prefecture, developing a significant collection of initiatives concerning the artistic and educational interpretation of Ancient Greek Drama in Greece and abroad, going back to a whole year.

The performance is directed by Yiangos Andreadis, who is also in charge of the dramaturgy, along with Pepi Rigopoulou.


Where: Michael Cacoyannis Foundation
When: September 13, 9:00 pm


Where: Frynichos Theater, Delphi European Cultural Center
When: September 15, 0:00 pm