The Parliament reaffirmed its confidence in the government, during the plenary roll-call procedure by the Prime Minister’s request for a vote of confidence in the government.

After the two-day parliamentary procedure, the government received a vote of confidence from 151 MPs: 145 from SYRIZA, 2 from ANEL and 4 from independent MPs.

“Today, the parliament has voted in favor of stability. It voted in favor of the country’s international credibility recovery”, noted Alexis Tsipras in a statement after the parliamentary process was completed.

For his part, ND President Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that this is another SYRIZA parliamentary maneuver that has three goals: to keep Mr Tsipras in power for a few more months, to pave the way for the nationally harmful Prespes agreement and to artificially keep alive the political construct of ANEL.